Membership Termination

Membership of the club can terminate on the following grounds:
  • A member of the club can terminate his or her membership by enclosing a letter to the Club requesting the termination.
  • On Death of the member.
  • Cessation of Membership : A member shall cease to be a member under the following circumstances


1-When he gives a duly written and signed formation to the secretary of his intention to sever his connection from the club.

2-When he fails to pay the club dues within one month of his receiving notice from the secretary in accordance with a resolution of the executive committee to the effect that failure to pay up the arrears will cause the cessation of his membership.

3-When he is held guilty of any criminal act by a competent court which in the opinion of the committee involves moral turpitude.

4-When owing to any gross misconduct or misdemeanor or any other sufficient or reasonable cause he is deemed undesirable and unfit by a two-third a minority in a meeting of the managing committee.

5-When he is adjusted an insolvent by a court of law.


N.B. – Any member expelled under sub-rule (c) shall in no case be elected. A member removed under sub-rule (b) may be re-elected provided he has fully paid up all his club dues.