Restaurant, Bar & Banquet facility

Restaurant, Bar, Family Room and Banquet Facilities : Facilities Facilities
The Lounge :
A large hall which houses memorabilia from the clubs glorious past, well furnished with vitrified flooring, chandeliers that hang from a high ceiling and leather
upholstered chairs makes for a warm introduction to the main building of the club which houses a bar, the dining room, and bridge room along with family room to cherish the club members. It also hosts a 72 inch plasma screen with attached home theatre system for the entertainment of the club members.
Main Lawn :
Facilities PNU club has a sprawling lush green lawn of more than 1 acre surrounded by shrubs, flower bed and trees. The lawn also has joy rides for the kids of the club member and has hosted many gala nights parties at the various occasions.
The Restaurant :
Facilities A full fledged restaurant operates in the club serving a range of delicious Indian, Chinese and South Indian snacks, lunch & dinner at affordable prices.
The Bar :
Facilities The club host an air-conditioned bar for its members with carpeting, comfortable stacking facility and pencil sketches on its wall, adding to its ambience. The bar hosts all of the finest brands of liquor at very reasonable prices for its members.
Family Room :
Facilities Adjacent to the lounge hall of the club, lies the family room, for the entertainment of the families of the club members. The air-conditioned room is beautifully decorated with wall paintings, wooden furniture, floor carpet and comfortable stacking area together with a music system, a television along with DVD player.